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Echolac History
Echolac was founded 46 years ago in Japan. The founder was Mr. Reizo Koseki, who granted the brand a profound culture and concept. It’s a Japanese brand with a western influence whereas Echo means sound reverberation and Lac is a sort of plastic. Echolac is famous for the ABS products which are the worlds’s first ABS attache case.

At present, Echolac is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has subsidiaries in Shanghai and Taiwan. It has own professional factories in Shanghai, China and Thailand for different production lines respectively. The factory at Songjiang in Shanghai mainly produces soft cases, backpacks, and computer bags while the other in Thailand is responsible for hard cases, attaché cases, and PC cases. Separate production lines can serve to meet the requirements for high quality and technology.

After acquiring Echolac, professionals and designers from Europe and Japan were invited to join this new venture. Meanwhile, a long term of cooperation with prestigious design institutes was initiated as well. This “international” design collaboration surely would meet global customers' needs. In the mind of older generations, Echolac is a brand with strong design and supreme quality. Especially in Europe and Southeast Asia it is a legendary brand. Products are popular in Europe, US, Japan, India, Philippine, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. During the 70’ and 90’s, Echolac was the top seller in the Asia. In 80’s was number third in worldwide. Until the end of 2008, Echolac has produced more than 60 million pieces of baggage.

Echolac, with its quality products and accurate marketing positioning, owns a robust international sales network, which is the foundation for conquering the global market.

“Serenity to go” is the brand slogan which means “With Echolac, your travel is a synonym to peace of mind. Security and reliability, through quality and services provided by Echolac.”

With Echolac, every single trip is with great pleasure. Pack up and move in your way! Always serenity, always ready to go!